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Bookstores to visit?


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I haven’t been to Stockholm in decades.

Could I get some recommendations for some good stores to visit? I am mainly looking for old, out of print comics (Marvel/DC) and RPGs (AD&D, D&D 3e). Secondhand bookstores would be cool, and also bookstores that have discount bins for older stuff.

What are, in Stockholm, good comic shops, RPG shops and secondhand bookstores that carry either of those?


Quick reviews in case somebody else is looking for bookstore info before the con is over.

Alfa and Rönnells are great for books. No comics, no RPGs. But if you’re looking for plain books they seem like great places to visit. Especially Alfa blew my mind, it was like a huge library. Grabbed Dragonlance Legends for 60 SEK. Felt very nice and welcoming. Rönnells felt a little more elitist and high class but looked like it had a nice selection too. I turned around pretty quickly though, it didn’t feel like my kind of place.

In Gamla Stan, Serieboden has comics, but mostly just Swedish translated editions. I spotted Batman Knightfall TPBs 2-3 there though in English. SF-bokhandeln has a wide variety of everything new (RPGs, DVDs, books, comics, merchandise) but not so much depth historically. Feels like a high turnover store that doesn’t keep much backstock. Comics Heaven was the best find of the trip so far, with a lot of English comics both old and new and bunches of merchandise (shirts, toys, etc). If looking for American comics, I’d make this destination number one.

Serier och Sånt is a little out of the way in the northwest, but it has comics, Swedish, English and manga. Selection not as big as Comics Heaven, but if you happen to be in the area it could be worth a look. I wouldn’t make a special trip there again just for it though, not with Comic Heaven around.

Arcane was mostly a Warhammer/figure type store, but then most RPG stores are these days. It did have an interesting shelf of used RPGs in one room though, going all the way back to original D&D. Spotted a Red Steel boxed set in shrinkwrap, and a Battlesystem boxed set, also several D&D 2nd Ed. Complete books. Picked up a couple of old 2nd Ed adventure modules and one 3rd Ed adventure module for 200 SEK total, they weren’t in the best of shapes but I felt it was a decent deal. Lots of White Dwarf magazines too in the used area. Adorable saleswoman. 🙂

Haven’t checked the Södermalm stores yet, should be doing that today.


3 more you shouldn’t miss

Both SF and Arcane has some games but we at Dragon’s Lair are proud to be Stockholm’s best store for any kind of non-electronic games. Besides over a thousand board games in stock we have miniatures and trading card games. If there’s anything you can’t find we can usually get it fast through our distributor channels.

If you’re into comics or collectibles and venture to Södermalm both Alvglans and Staffars Serier have a lot to offer.

/ David

Dragon’s Lair föreningen
Kungsholmstorg 8
112 21 Stockholm
Tel: 08-6546050


RPGs and books

Some do-not-miss bookshops are Rönnells and Alfa Antikvariat. Seriously worth visiting both of them.

For used RPGs I only know of Arcane. I’ve never been there, though.


Re: Comics stores

* SF-bokhandeln doesn’t carry much old stuff, but you definitely want to go there anyway. Västerlånggatan 48, Metro station Gamla Stan.
Open Mon-Fri 10-19, Sat 10-17, Sun 12-17.

While you are in the old town area there are at least two stores for old and new comics very close:

* Serieboden, Västerlånggatan 26-28. Mon-Fri 11-18, Sat 11-16, Sun 12-16
* Comics Heaven. Stora Nygatan 23. Mon-Fri 10-18:30, Sat 10-18, Sun 11-17

In the Södermalm area (Metro to Slussen or Mariatorget, or walk from Gamla Stan)
* Alvglans bokhandel, Folkungagatan 84. New and used comics and books. Mon-Fri 11-18, Sat 11-16.
* Staffars Serier, Bellmansgatan 26 A. New and used comics. Mon-Thu 12-18:30, Fri 12-18, Sat 12-15.

Closer to the convention, you will find
* Serier & Sånt, selling new and used comics. Upplandsgatan 87 (take a bus to Odenplan, about 10 minutes from the convention center).
Mon-Fri 11-18, Sat 11-15.

I’m not very familiar with second hand bookshops, though. Anyone?


Comics stores

Can’t help you with RPGs.

There are several second-hand comics stores. I only include those I’ve visited myself.

Gamla Stan: Comics Heaven (Stora Nygatan 23), Serieboden (Västerlånggatan 26-28, though it’s properly on Sven Vintappares gränd between Västerlånggatan and Stora Nygatan).

Söder: Serieslussen (Bellmansgatan 26, corner of Bellmansgatan and S:t Paulsgatan), Staffars serier (Bellmansgatan 26A).

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