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If you'd like to help us promote Eurocon 2011, you can download material here. The posters can be printed in A3 as well.
Eurocon 2011 is arranged with funding from Stockholm City Council's Culture Committee, the Swedish Arts Council and the Nordic Culture Fund. Eurocon 2011 has received financial support from Science Fiction-Bokhandeln and Skandinavisk Förening för Science Fiction.

I assume this will be in the book, but I’m planning to meet someone for lunch before we go to the convention, so could someone recommend me an eatery with reasonable prices that is not a pizza or hamburger place and near KTH?


Re: Foods

Why not try this one?

Östra Station Järnvägsrestaurangen (in the train station)
Traditional Swedish food in a classic restaurant. The restaurant was founded in 1935 and the interior design stems from the 1950s. Open Mon-Fri 9.00-22.00, Sat 11.00-21.00, Sun 12.00-20.00.

– Anders

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