Eurocon 2011

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If you'd like to help us promote Eurocon 2011, you can download material here. The posters can be printed in A3 as well.
Eurocon 2011 is arranged with funding from Stockholm City Council's Culture Committee, the Swedish Arts Council and the Nordic Culture Fund. Eurocon 2011 has received financial support from Science Fiction-Bokhandeln and Skandinavisk Förening för Science Fiction.

Con committee:

Carolina Gomez-Lagerlöf (chairman)

Tomas Cronholm (treasurer)

Britt-Louise Viklund (programme)

Hans Persson (guests)

Sten Thaning

Mårten Svantesson (venue)

Gunnar Nilsson (marketing, sponsoring and media)

Anders Reuterswärd (webmaster)

Johan Anglemark & Anna Davour (programme book)Therése Norén (reception)

Helena Kiel (volunteers)

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