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If you'd like to help us promote Eurocon 2011, you can download material here. The posters can be printed in A3 as well.
Eurocon 2011 is arranged with funding from Stockholm City Council's Culture Committee, the Swedish Arts Council and the Nordic Culture Fund. Eurocon 2011 has received financial support from Science Fiction-Bokhandeln and Skandinavisk Förening för Science Fiction.

The final programme as pdf. During the convention the programme was also available in Google Calender. The following is an earlier version:

The Eurocon 2011 programme is slowly taking shape. We can now present a number of programme items that are definite. Quite a long list, actually, but do not expect any programme slot times, yet. And do not expect a finished programme until maybe a couple of weeks before the convention. This should tickle your appetite, though.

The list has been updated 11-05-24.

The programme committee is working in earnest. The convention will feature at least three parallel programme tracks, with a large part of the programme being in English.

One track will have a literary slant and feature GoH-interviews, speeches and panels, a second track will feature a mixture of fannish and media-oriented programme items. We will also have talks on subjects both literary and scientific, readings from several authors and moderated group discussions where anybody interested in the subject under discussion might partake.

We currently aim at programming between 13 – 23 on Friday, 10 – 23 on Saturday, and 10 – 18 on Sunday.

And don’t forget that we’re planning a warm up pub meeting Thursday evening (the 16th of June) and a dead dog party Sunday night, after the convention.

  • Monks Café, Sveavägen 39, Thursday June 16 from 18.00 hours (closest underground station is Hötorget on the green line – just a one block walk from exit “Olof Palmes Gata”).
  • Time and place of the Dead Dog Party to be announced at a later date.

If you have any views and/or ideas, please get in touch with the committee.
We’d also like suggestions as to programme participants.

Examples of programme items:

  • Guest of Honour-interview
    Elizabeth Bear talks to Nene Ormes.
  • Guest of Honour-interview
    Ian McDonald talks to Johan Anglemark.
  • Guest of Honour-interview
    John-Henri Holmberg talks to Heidi Lyshol.
  • Stross Interviews Rajaniemi Interviews Stross
  • MD Lachlan is interviewed by Anders Qvist
  • Thoughts and speculations
    Meet our Guests of Honour in a discussion of anything and everything they find interesting.
    Jukka Halme, Elizabeth Bear, Ian McDonald, John-Henri Holmberg, Heidi Lyshol (moderator).
  • What´s right with science fiction?
    Ian McDonald’s Guest of Honour-speech.
  • John-Henri Holmberg’s Guest of Honour-speech.
  • Elizabeth Bear’s Guest of Honour-speech.
  • Finnish SF/F and it’s World Conquering Ways
    Jukka Halme’s Guest of Honour speech
  • Fantasy: Research and definitions.
    What does it mean to do research on fantasy literature? What different definitions are there of the subject and what can they tell us? How has the concept of fantasy as a literary genre developed?
    Annika Johansson, Stefan Ekman, Merja Polvinen.
  • Myths in sf and fantasy
    To what extent have mythologies something to tell people of today about the human condition?
    Elizabeth Bear, Ian McDonald, Annika Johansson, Kari Sperring.
  • Science fiction: Research and definitions
    How do you do research on science fiction literature? What different definitions are there of the subject and what do they tell us? How has the concept of science fiction as a literary genre developed?
    John-Henri Holmberg, Jerry Määttä, Ylva Lindberg, Niels Dahlgaard.
  • Women, men and neuters in sf and fantasy
    Elizabeth Bear, Ian McDonald, Kristina Knaving, Cheryl Morgan, Johan Jönsson, Kari Sperring.
  • Feministic sf
    Maria Nilson, John-Henri Holmberg, Ulrika von Knorring.
  • As you know, Bob
    Sf, more than other genres, need to establish background. How can this be done without info dumping?
    Elizabeth Bear, Ian McDonald, Stefan Högberg.
  • Is sf modernism dead – where are the heirs to Russ, Ballard and Disch?
    A conversation between John-Henri Holmberg and Johan Jönsson.
  • The most important sf/fantasy novels of the last ten years
    Jukka Halme, Nene Ormes, Niels Daalgaard, Marianna Leikomaa, Kristina Hård.
  • Lovecraft today
    What are the reasons for Lovecraft’s enduring popularity?? In what way are writers of today influenced by his mythology?
    Elizabeth Bear, Martha Hubbard, Martin Andersson, Fredrik Granlund, Anders Fager.
  • The best of 2010? A discussion on the Hugo nominated novels
    Jukka Halme, Marianna Leikomaa, Tommy Persson, Kristina Knaving.
  • Fornnordiska tankegångar i Tolkiens värld (in Swedish/på svenska)
    Tommy Kuusela.
  • Fantasy som förmedlare av hopp och livsmod (in Swedish/på svenska)
    Mattias Lönnebo.
  • World of Robots: What´s the holdup?
    Talk by Carl-Henrik Ek and Kristoffer Sjöö.
  • The dawn of the cyborg has arrived
    On cyborgs, research communication and how images from science fiction influence our view of technology.
    Talk by Anna Åberg.
  • The fantastic in art
    Talk by Anders Gudmundson.
  • Vampyrer (in Swedish/på svenska)
    Föredrag av Anna Höglund.
  • The changing image of the vampire
    From monster to romantic and troubled hero. The image of the vampire has changed over time. How and why? What is the attraction?
    Elizabeth Bear, Anna-Liisa Auramo, Kristina Hård, Karoliina Leikomaa.
  • The craft of writing science fiction
    Elizabeth Bear, Ian McDonald, Anders Fager, Stefan Högberg.
  • Stargate; looking back at 17 seasons
    Eemeli Aro, Steven Savile, Paul Dormer, Dave Lally, Wolf von Witting.
  • The Hugos today and 40 years ago, a comparison
    What do the nominated novels tell about the development of the fantastic genre? What difference have movements like cyberpunk, new wave and new space opera made? And what influence has our changing world had on the invented worlds of science fiction?
    Ian McDonald, John-Henri Holmberg, Cheryl Morgan.
  • Eurocon in the future
    A discussion on how Eurocon might develop. Will it increase in size? Plans for the future, problems, successes.
    Sten Thaning, Bridget Wilkinson, Dave Lally, Olav M J Christiansen, James Shields, Borys Sydiuk.
  • How to become a published writer
    Åsa Schwarz, John-Henri Holmberg, M D Lachlan, Hannu Rajaniemi, Sara Bergmark Elfgren, Darko Macan
  • Utopi – en ny våg av fantastiska serier i Sverige (in Swedish/på svenska)
    Fabian Göranson,  Kim W. Andersson, Sara Bergmark Elfgren
  • Mervyn Peake, 2011 a centenary
    Peakes works and his influence on sf and fantasy today.
    Johan Anglemark, Jukka Halme, Johan Jönsson, Annika Johansson.
  • SF and fantasy in the bookshops
    Gunilla Jonsson, Karin Waller, Johan Frick, Stefan Gurt.
  • Att vara svensk fantastik-författare, i går och i dag (in Swedish/på svenska)
    Niklas Krog,  Karin Tidbeck, Börje Crona.
    Att skriva fantastik för barn och unga (in Swedish/på svenska)
    Mattias Lönnebo, Niklas Krog, Sara Bergmark Elfgren.
  • Why I love the works of Diana Wynne Jones
    Linnea Anglemark, Ylva Spångberg, Sari Polvinen, Rolf Andersen.
  • What will you do when you have quarreled with your home?
    Pros and cons of conscious dwellings.
    Hannu Rajaniemi, Glenn Petersen, Charles Stross, Rolf Andersen.
  • Swedish fandom before 2000
    Glenn Petersen, Ylva Spångberg, Tomas Cronholm, John-Henri Holmberg, Mats Linder, Henrik Eriksson, Bellis.
  • Swedish fandom today
    Anna Davour, Helena Kiel, Tomas Cronholm, Rymd-Olov, Johan Anglemark, Jonas Wissting.
  • An international perspective on fandom
    Niels Dalgaard, Heidi Lyshol, Johan Anglemark, Borys Sydiuk, Andrey Malyshkin, Martin Hoare Thomas Rechterwaldt, Peter de Weerdt.
  • Conrunning, the next generation
    This convention-thing is great. I want to organize my own con. Experienced conrunners give advice and usefull information.
    Borys Sydiuk, Flemming Rasch, Thomas Rechterwald, Jukka Halme, Britt-Louise Viklund.
  • The Dr Who-phenomenon
    Therese Norén, Anders Wahlbom, Helena Kiel, James Shields, Ian McDonald, Steven Savile.
  • Intro till kongresser (in Swedish/på svenska)
    För den  som besöker sin första kongress. Vad kan de förvänta sig och hur får man ut det mesta av upplevelsen.
    Ylva Spångberg, Anna Gomez Lagerlöf.
  • Neofanniska tribunalen (in Swedish/på svenska)
    Synpunkter och kritik från fans i slutet av sin första kongressupplevelse.
    Kristina Hård, Rymd-Olov, Yvonne de Martin, Britt-Louise Viklund.
  • A world without oil
    What is Peak Oil and what could it mean to our society? Opened with a short introduction by Jonathan Cowie.
    Daniel Pargman, Jonathan Cowie, CD Skogsberg, Helena Kiel, Kurt Baty, Waldemar Ingdahl, Vincent Docherty.
  • Cities on the edge in science fiction
    Talk by Waldemar Ingdahl, co-author of the book Cities on the Edge.
  • Swedes recommend
    What Swedish books and movies translated into (understandable) languages do the natives recommend?
  • Tolkien’s maps of Middle Earth
    Talk by Anders Stenström.
  • Science Fiction in Latin America
    Presentation by Tanya Tynjälä.
  • Science fiction in France
    Presentation by Pierre Gevart.
  • Fantastic literature in Sweden before 2000
    Hans Persson, John-Henri Holmberg, Nene Ormes.
  • Fantastic literature in Sweden today
    Hans Persson, Dan Hörning, Johan Jönsson.
  • Amatörförfattare (in Swedish/på svenska)
    En diskussion om varför man skriver, problem och nöjen. Om sätt att mötas/få kritik/utvecklas.
    Fredrik Granlund, Ahrvid Engholm, Anna Maria Nygren
  • Bokomslag (in Swedish/på svenska)
    Jörgen Forsberg, Jerry Mättää, Kristina Knaving, Nicolas Krizan.
  • The EC-company and Their Line of Science-fiction Comic Books
    The people who drew them, the authors. The themes, the coming of censorship in the fifties.
    Olle Dahllöf.
  • Exobiology
    Talk by Jonathan Cowie.
  • Bioastronomy
    Talk by Jonathan Cowie.
  • Dark Matter
    Talk by Anna Davour.
  • The project “Expeditionis Planeta Teitus”
    A presentation by Lotta Oudhuis and Lovisa Henoch.
  • Swedish artist Nicolas Krizan shows his work
  • Om Elektrubadur och podcast (in Swedish/på svenska)
    Björn Lindström, Hans Persson.
  • Worldcon, a unique (annual) experience
    Why should you as a fan of sf and fantasy spend time and money attending a worldcon, and even work for the con? What makes a worldcon so special and how do you get the most out of your worldcon experience?
    Peter de Weerdt, Jannie Shea, Kurt Baty, Larry van der Putte.
  • E-books – development and future?
    Cheryl Morgan, Jessica Björkäng, Cecilia Wennerström.
  • Group discussion: GoH:s choice
    Talk about Farscape with Elizabeth Bear.
  • Group discussion: GoH:s choice
    Talk about Dark City v. The Matrix with Ian McDonald.
  • GoH:s choice
    Jukka podcasting..
  • Group discussion: In the Beginning
    What is a good and what is a bad beginning in a fantastic story? What kind of beginning causes positive expectations and what kind discourages from further reading. Examples? Is fantastic literature different from mainstream in this respect?
    Moderated by Stefan Högberg
  • Group discussion:
    Contemporary movie: Let the Right One In/Let Me In.
  • Group discussion: After the vampire.
    Who is the next monster? Zombies, angels, …?
  • Group discussion: Books from my country that should be translated.
  • Group discussion: Read and watch this!
    Recommend your favorites.
  • Group discussion:
    HBO:s Game of Thrones adaptation: Success, fiasco or blah?
    Johan Lundström.
  • Group discussion: Controversial endings
    Lately many tv-serials have ended in a way that has provoked discussions; Lost, BSG, Dollhouse, Ashes to Ashes and somewhat earlier Farscape. In what way should a fantastic series end? What has been done right/wrong, and why?
    Eemeli Aro.
  • Readings by:
    Elizabeth Bear
    Ian McDonald
    Carlos Suchowolski
    Åsa Schwarz
    Kari Sperring
    Stefan Högberg
    Anders Fager
    Niklas Krog
    Nene Ormes
    Karin Tidbeck
    Cecilia Wennerström
    Kristina Hård
    MD Lachlan
    Hannu Rajaniemi
    Stig W Jörgensen
    Charles Stross
    Amanda Downum
  • Högläsning (in Swedish/på svenska) av:
    Kalle Dixelius
    Andreas Roman
    Sara Bergmark Elfgren
    Pål Eggert
    Dan Hörning
    Johannes Heldén
  • Learn how to insult in Klingon
    Teacher: Felix Malmenbeck.
  • Maps, Mythotopes, and Mundanity: Different Ways of Exploring Fantasy Worlds
    Fantasy scholar Stefan Ekman talks about his recent PhD thesis on one of fantasy literature’s most important characters: its settings.
  • Presentation of next year’s Eurocon (Kontakt in Zagreb, Croatia)
  • Awards ceremony
    The ESFS awards, the Science Fiction & Fantasy Translation Awards and the Alvar Appeltofft Memorial Award.
    MC: Jukka Halme.
  • Lars-Olov Strandberg shows his photos from the very first Eurocon
  • Cíty walk in Stockholms Old Town (Saturday morning)
    15 participants only, sign up-sheet in Registration.
  • KTH art walk, Friday at 15:00 and 16:00
    This guided walk will give a glimpse of the great art treasures on campus and the history of the campus buildings and the people behind it all. Also included is a visit to the bell tower where you have a nice view of the surrounding area.
    If you have difficulties walking this is not for you.
    Anna Almlöw.
    20 participants in each group, sign up-sheet in Registration.
  • Medieval dancing, workshop
    Bring both your left feet, we’ll start easy and sort them out.
    Per Lindberg.
  • Tengwar, workshop
    Learn to write like the elves of Middle Earth.
    Per Lindberg.
  • Beer tasting
    Try Swedish beers with Anders Holmström.
    15 participants only, sign up-sheet in Registration.
  • Tea tasting
    With Carolina Gomez Lagerlöf.
    12 participants only, sign up-sheet in Registration.
  • Auction for the benefit of The Nordic Fan Fund (NOFF)
  • Steam tea mingle
  • Movies:



Programme request

Even though it is my first time – ever at a Con, I will be attending as a published author. Innsmouth Free Press is including a story of mine in an Anthology, ‘Historical Lovecraft’. I see that you are considering a Lovecraft event. Obviously this is a topic I would very interested in participating in if this is possible.

I have another story in an anthology, ‘Revenants’ published by Rymfire books about the knight found sealed up alive in Kuressaare Castle. This too is quite dark and Lovecraftian.

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