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Useful information


If you'd like to help us promote Eurocon 2011, you can download material here. The posters can be printed in A3 as well.
Eurocon 2011 is arranged with funding from Stockholm City Council's Culture Committee, the Swedish Arts Council and the Nordic Culture Fund. Eurocon 2011 has received financial support from Science Fiction-Bokhandeln and Skandinavisk Förening för Science Fiction.

The sf-fan’s guide to Stockholm

We have put together a short guide on how to behave and get around in Stockholm and at the convention. Might come in handy.

To the convention

The convention venue, Tekniska Högskolans Studentkår (THS), is situated at Drottning Kristinas väg 15. Travel to station Tekniska Högskolan by underground, on the red line. Take the exit that comes out at Tekniska Högskolan, turn to the left outside the automated ticket barrier, and walk up the stairs. Continue forwards, following a slightly curved road to the left. After a few minutes, you’ll see a grey, looming building on your left hand side and that’s the one.

You may also take one of several buses to Tekniska Högskolan, and most convenient is blue bus number 4, easily accessible all over the city.

You can find a good map here.

GPS coordinates are:

WGS 84 (lat, lon):N 59° 20.827′, E 18° 4.267′
WGS 84 decimal (lat, lon):59.34712, 18.07112
RT90:6582898, 1628908
SWEREF99:6582732, 674624


If you arrive at the convention by car you will probably be able to find a parking space in the street just outside. Parking is free on Saturday and Sunday, while you will have to pay on Friday. The cost is SEK 15 per hour, up to a maximum of SEK 120 per day.
You buy a ticket in the closest machine (coins or credit card) and put it inside the windshield, visible from the outside.


Upon arrival you will have to register to get your badge and your convention material. During rush hours there will be separate lines for those who are preregistered. We have lists of all names, but if there’s any doubt of your identity, be prepared to produce proof (ID, confirmation mail or receipt of payment). And we need your real name – not your badge name. Also, an ID will be required if it’s not obvious that you are under 26.


Cash will be required everywhere at the convention, only the bar accepts cards. However, there is an ATM right next to the registration desk. Be prepared for it to become empty rather quickly, though.

Wireless network

There will be a wireless network available for use in the convention building. Login information is available in the programme guide.

Getting around

Underground and buses

Travel in Stockolm is easy – all buses, underground trains, trams, and commuter trains are run by SL. You can travel with SL throughout Greater Stockholm.


In order to utilize SL’s services, you’ll need a ticket. There are tickets and travelcards valid for shorter and longer periods of time.

Show your ticket to the bus driver or ticket inspector. With an SL Access Card you use the automated ticket barriers in the underground and at commuter train stations, and the blue card readers on buses. Just hold the card in front of the card reader for a moment, and there’s a green light and an audible signal – one beep for full price, two beeps for reduced price. This is to validate your card, the beeping being audible to the bus driver.

It’s always cheaper to buy prepaid tickets, and the longer the period of validity, the cheaper the cost of each journey. For temporary visitors, there are travelcards valid for 1, 3 or 7 days.

Travelcards Full price (SEK) Reduced price (SEK)
1 day 100 60
3 days 200 120
7 days 260 160

(Reduced prices pertain to children, people under the age of 20, and people over the age of 65.)

Should you travel less frequently, a more viable alternative might be coupon strips with 16 prepaid travel coupons at the cost of SEK 180 (EUR 20). Travelling within one zone costs two coupons, two zones costs three copuons, and travelling in all three zones costs four coupons. Zone maps are posted at bus stops and underground stations.

Purchasing single tickets/coupons is much more expensive and to be avoided.

You cannot purchase tickets on board buses!

Tickets are available at SL:s agents (kiosks, 7 Elevens and the like), at the SL Center, and at commuter train stations. Some tickets are available at manned underground barriers. There are also ticket machines at most underground and commuter railway stations, as well as in a number of other locations.

You may also buy a zone ticket which will be sent as a text message to your mobile phone. This only works with Swedish mobile service suppliers (subscription or cash SIM card), so we’ll refrain from going into details here..

It is your responsibility as a passenger to ensure that you have a valid ticket. Failure to produce a valid ticket on demand will result in a penalty fare of 1 200 SEK.

Catching the bus

Board the bus through the front doors and show the bus driver your ticket or touch in with your SL Access card at one of the blue card readers.

At certain locations in Stockholm’s city centre, there are conductors admitting passengers through the rear doors as well.

When you want to disembark, push the stop button. The word ‘Stannar’ (‘Stopping’) will appear on a display in the ceiling up front. On board blue buses in Stockholm’s city centre, one also has to push a button to open the doors. This button is to be found on the pole next to the door.

Taking the metro/underground and the commuter trains

There is a manned barrier as well as automated barriers for card bearers at nearly every station. At smaller stations outside of the city there might be no barriers at all. In such cases, tickets must be bought from a ticket machine.

All underground and commuter trains stop at every station along the line, with the exception of express trains. Express trains only run on the commuter railways and only during rush hours.

Taking the light railway

There are no ticket barriers at the Roslagsbanan, Saltsjöbanan, Lidingöbanan, Tvärbanan, and Nickebybanan stations. Instead, there are ticket inspectors aboard the trains. This also applies to the commuter trains between Nynäshamn and Västerhaninge, and between Gnesta and Södertälje.
When travelling on Lidingöbanan, Tvärbanan or Nockebybanan, use the stop button to get off at your destination.

Journey planner

Use the excellent for mobile phones or for computers with web access..

Pick up a free map!

Pick up a complimentary map of central Stockholm from staff at underground stations, commuter rail stations or at the SL Center.

To and from the airport

The Arlanda Express, having recently introduced its spectacular Future Trains, is the fastest and most conventient way to get to and from Arlanda Airport – and also the most expensive. A Future Train will take you straight into Stockholm’s Central Station, a hub for the underground, the commuter trains, the buses, and the taxis.

SL-tickets are not valid on the airport coaches, Flygbussarna. An adult return ticket from Arlanda Airport costs SEK 219 (EUR 24), while a one way ticket costs SEK 119 (EUR 13)..

An adult return ticket from Skavsta Airport costs SEK 249 (EUR 28), while a one way ticket costs SEK 139 (EUR 15).

The prices are about 10% lower if you purchase your ticket online at

However, one might take the regular commuter train to and from Arlanda Airport and thus make use of SL tickets or travel cards, changing trains at Upplands Väsby. The train running between Arlanda and Upplands Väsby, Upptåget, is not an SL train, and thus requires a supplement fee of SEK 60 (EUR 7), provided you have a valid SL ticket.

You can also buy a zone ticket for all three SL zones with the Arlanda passage supplement fee included for SEK 100 (EUR 11).


Taking a taxi in Stockholm and Sweden is expensive. There are a lot of independent cab companies and fares are not regulated, which means you might end up with an inordinately expensive trip if you happen to pick the wrong cab. We recommend either Taxi Stockholm or Taxi 020.

Should you want to take a taxi from Arlanda Airport, Airport Cab is said to be the best, but you may also choose one of the above. See to it that you get the fixed price, a service always provided by Airport Cab in either direction. Getting a fixed price going from Stockholm to the airport might be a tad more difficult with Taxi Stockholm and Taxi 020, but give it a try.

Payment by credit card is accepted and service charge is included in the fare, but the cab driver naturally appreciates a small tip should you think he deserves it.

Convention rules

  • On the premises, the convention badge is to be worn at all times.
  • No weapons are allowed. We define weapons as anything with a sharp edge or anything with which to fire projectiles. Toys and replicas are OK. If in doubt, contact the reception desk.
  • Smoking is not allowed. There will be a smoking area outdoors.
  • Due to neighbors complaning about noise, the only place convention members might go outdoors after 22.00 hours (10 p.m.) is the smoking area at the back – except, of course, when leaving the premises..
  • Alcohol bought at the bar may not be consumed outdoors or on the ground floor.
  • No alcohol bought elsewhere than at the bar may be consumed on the premises.
  • Pets are not allowed, with the exception of leader dogs for the blind.
  • Always follow instructions given by members of the committee or appointed gophers (identifiable by their red badges).

The law

Swedish law does not much differ from other European countries, but there are a few things you should be aware of:

  • It is illegal to carry a knife. You’ll probably get away with a pen knife, but that’s about it.
  • It is illegal to buy sex. Prostitution is not a crime, but to avail oneself of the services of a prostitute is.
  • It is illegal to consume alcohol in public places, quite naturally with the exception of pubs, bars, restaurants, and nightclubs.
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